League of Shadows


The League of Shadows Urban Combat Program is a modern day practical Self Defence, it incorporates a wide spectrum of techniques such as Striking, Grappling, Urban Weapons and many, many more.

It is a functional assertive fighting method, were students train for worst case scenario street conflicts, which may involve multiple attackers or even weapons. Students are trained to Do what is necessary ™, for the survival of not only themselves, but their loved ones and those around them.
The League of Shadows has been created to raise the bar on Self Defence, we pride ourselves on a establishing a fighting system\  Self Defence which make sense ™. The League of Shadows Urban Combat Program  is a realistic fighting style which aims to teach anyone who has the ambition to learn, despite age or even health, we believe anyone should be able to participate in our program if they so wish.

League of Shadows Lincoln

Chief Instructor: Paul Whitehead
Tel: 07956 307385
Email: paulwhitehead@theleagueofshadowslincoln.com

Website: www.theleagueofshadowslincoln.com