Training class schedule


Class Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
10.00-10.30 BJJ – Juniors
10.30-11.00 BJJ – Juniors
11.00-11.30 BJJ – Juniors
12.30-1.00 Japanese JuJitsu
1.00-1.30 Japanese JuJitsu
1.30-2.00 Japanese JuJitsu
2.00-2.30 Japanese JuJitsu
5.30-6.00 Taekwondo Taekwondo
6.00-6.30 Taekwondo/ Judo Judo Taekwondo Judo Shotokan Karate
6.30-7.00 Taekwondo/ Judo Judo Taekwondo Judo Shotokan Karate
7.00-7.30 Taekwondo  Judo Taekwondo Judo Shotokan Karate
7.30-8.00 Medieval Weapons / Taekwondo League of shadows Taekwondo League of shadows Medieval Weapons
8.00-8.30 Medieval Weapons / Taekwondo Brazilian Jui Jitsu / League of shadows Taekwondo Brazilian Jui Jitsu / League of shadows Medieval Weapons
8.30-9.00 Medieval Weapons Brazilian Jui Jitsu  Taekwondo Brazilian Jui Jitsu Medieval Weapons

Covid restrictions – Classes in Red are not running at the moment (17/09/20)

We will endeavour to post changes to this schedule as soon as possible after they happen. Please call 01522 531112 for further information on classes available and times.

We have a range of classes and disciplines available to adults and children; we will have something for you!

You can also find class information on our Facebook pages and twitter, each discipline has its own pages on social media and you can find them, like them and help spread the word, ask your coach for details.

Most first classes are “free taster classes” so please come along ask questions and see if its for you!

Strike Zone aims to be Lincoln’s number one martial arts centre

You can train for fun and fitness, but also please enquire about training competitively and entering competitions.